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See how Automate can streamline your IT and business tasks. Automate is an intuitive and flexible RPA software from HelpSystems. It’s easy to set up and easy to use with highly scalable architecture and industry-leading security, auditing and integration capabilities.

Unlock your full potential by putting your work on autopilot with DeeZee IT Lab who provides the smoothest RPA journey by making it easy to start small, learn quickly and scale seamlessly.

Diminish dull, manual exercises

Systematize tedious, manual exercises by creating bots that help mistake free, adaptable undertakings and help you center around high-esteem forms.

Make clients more joyful with a superior encounter

Bring another dimension of operational speed and productivity to react to client needs proactively and expand assets to address all the more high-esteem errands.

Reexamine forms and improve consistently

Cut crosswise over authoritative hindrances while driving ideal procedure models for most extreme effectiveness, and exploit savvy bots to settle on more intelligent choices.

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Meet Your RPA Software Robots
Data Management Bot

Harness the power of big data with bots that extract, manipulate, and utilize data from sources on premise or in the cloud. Automatically write to a database, business application, or report.

IT Services Bot

Automate responses to common requests like password resets. Monitor systems, receive automatic, real-time notification of problems, and report on and analyze your IT services.

Human Resources Bot

Automate Active Directory user provisioning for swift onboarding, offboarding, or account management. Scrape data from forms, automatically email managers, and integrate processes.

Claims Processing Bot

Let your software robots streamline each step in your claims processing workflow—processing forms, validating eligibility, notification, payment, and more. Eliminate human error with RPA.

Accounts Payable Bot

Automatically process invoices upon arrival. Extract and manipulate data from paper forms and configure custom bots to manage your organization’s unique Accounts Payable workflow

Call Center Bot

Provide a superior customer experience with bots that quickly access multiple systems to pull, analyze, or process order history and other data. Save time to focus on helping customers.



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Creating insight-driven exponential improvement

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